Grossest Foods By State

Throughout this great land of ours, we all have a couple things in common. Most importantly, we’re often fiercely proud of where we come from, and most of us love to eat. Put these two things together – and you have food concoctions that are locally brilliant, but a complete other language to the rest of the food Universe.

Here are some examples of state faves that probably sound disgusting to you:

  • Alaska – “Akutaq” is also known as “Eskimo Ice Cream,” featuring no actual ice cream. It’s a mixture of animal fats like seal, moose, or walrus mixed with wild berries and maybe some sugar and milk.
  • Hawaii – “Spam Musubi” is like sushi, but it’s got SPAM where the tuna should be
  • Illinois – “Gravy Bread” has no meat to speak of – just a roll sogged up with spiced beef juice
  • Indiana – “Brain Sandwich” is made with part of a pig. Guess which part. Breaded and fried, and served up with mustard.
  • Minnesota – “Pickle Dog” is just one giant dill pickle, covered in kraut, Thousand Island dressing, and wrapped in roast beef
  • Mississippi – “Koolickle” is where you take a big ol’ pickle, and you soak it in Kool-Aid.

Don’t judge, here – your state has its grossness, too. See the full list of state foods here.