Wes Scantlin Busted AGAIN

Wes Scantlin‘s latest run-in with the law didn’t stop Puddle of Mudd from performing over the weekend.

Scantlin was set to fly from Los Angeles to a gig in Keller, Texas on Saturday, but TMZ reports he was arrested after he tried boarding a plane with a BB gun. He was taken to jail and booked. And with his bail set at $850,000, Scantlin apparently had to face some other charges as well.

The band played Saturday night at the Bronson Rock club without him, and some fans left after the first song when the band announced Scantlin wouldn’t be performing. Multiple fans have asked the club for full refunds, but there’s been no confirmation that the money will be returned.

Puddle of Mudd are scheduled to perform Friday in Roanoke, Virginia.

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