“Barney The Dinosaur” What He’s Doing now

David Joyner is a “spiritual healer” and “tantric massage specialist.” One session with him costs women – and women ONLY – $350 and can last three to four hours. During that time, your lady can experience the glory of a “ritual bath,” chakra realigning, and a massage. That massage is a special one, though, because it’s non-sexual, but still releases a woman’s “blocked energy” and can allegedly result in “mind-blowing orgasms.” Why are we telling you?

Because from 1991 to 2001 David Joyner donned the purple dinosaur costume on the infamous kids show, “Barney & Friends.” To hear him describe it, the two jobs have similarities.

Joyner says that “everything evolves from love.” The energy he brought out while wearing the Barney costume was based in a “foundation of tantra – which is love.” He goes on to say that the best way to release “blocked energy” is through love. Sure, sounds like bullsh**, but currently, he’s “loving” a roster of 30 women with his sessions.

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