DJ Ashba and James Michael form new side project

The A. and the M. of Sixx: A.M., guitarist DJ Ashba and singer-guitarist-keyboardist James Michael, will now also perform together as a duo under the name Pyromantic.

The two announced details of their new project during a live Facebook chat on Saturday. They say Sixx: AM is on “indefinite hiatus.”

They explained that Pyromantic came together when Ashba asked Michael to sing on a new song he had written about his wife. The two were so happy with the results that they began working together on more new material in the same vein. They say it features different subject matter than Sixx: A.M. songs and is also heavier, but with pop melodies that could appeal to a broader audience.

They have almost an entire record completed, but also say that Pyromantic will be “less about albums and album cycles than constantly creating new music.” They say that they intend to do a lot of touring and also to collaborate with other musicians. Their touring band is “pretty much locked in,” and they’re going to reveal its lineup in the near future. They plan to hit the road “toward the end of the year.”

They also plan to shoot a video in a couple of weeks in Las Vegas and have invited fans to join them there for a listening party for their new music and to appear in the clip. They say they’ll be posting full details on their social media soon.

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