Knox College to begin offering Bachelor of Science degrees

Knox College will now offer students the chance to earn a Bachelor of science degree.Interim VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College Michael Schneider says it’s a “great option” for students considering a career or grad school focused in the sciences.

Knox will offer a B.S. degree in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, neuroscience, physics and psychology.

The B.S. will require at least four credits beyond the B.A. degree requirements.

Students will also need to complete a required credit in science, math or computer science outside of their primary major.

Both current and prospective students will have the opportunity to pursue a bachelor of science degree.

Chair of the physics program Thomas R. Moses says adding the new degree option underscores “you can do serious science here.”

Knox is ranked in the top ten percent for graduates who have earned doctorates in math, computer science as well as natural and physical sciences by the National Science Foundation.

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