Jerry Cantrell Talks About New Alice In Chains Album

Jerry Cantrell says the “finish line’s in sight” for the first Alice in Chains album in five years.

Cantrell tells Guitar World that Joe Barresi, who’s also recording Tool‘s new album, is now mixing the tracks they recorded in Seattle, Nashville and Los Angeles. Cantrell says that the band has been tight-lipped about progress because “we just didn’t want to say a whole lot about it until we had something to say. And we certainly have something to say with this one. It’s a strong record.”

Cantrell adds that the layoff will be worth it for fans. “It’s a record we haven’t done yet, I can tell you that… We’re really proud of the material that we wrote and the performances we captured. There’s some really heavy [stuff], some really ugly stuff, some real beautiful stuff, some weirdo trippy [stuff].”

The album is expected out this summer, just before the second leg of their North American tour kicks off.

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