Dave Mustaine Says He Will Not Back Down From Lars Ulrich

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is still angry at Lars Urlich of Metallica over songwriting credits, and he won’t back down.

In an interview with the Greek website RockHard, Mustaine was asked about the songs he wrote that first appeared on the 1982 No Life ’til Leather demos. Mustaine played guitar and Ron McGovney was on bass. The same songs were used a year later on the band’s debut album Kill ‘Em All in re-recorded versions with new members Kirk Hammett on guitar and Cliff Burton on bass.

Mustaine insists that Ulrich has been taking credit for songs he didn’t write and that he won’t allow Metallica to reissue them that way again. He says he wrote the songs “Mechanix” and “Jump in the Fire” on his own and that he wrote all the music and James Hetfield all the lyrics to “Phantom Lord and “Metal Militia.” He claims Ulrich has strong-armed Hetfield into giving him credit, but that he’s not afraid of Ulrich and is “not giving anything” to him. He says Ulrich was incapable of writing songs that good back then.

Interestingly, Mustaine has no beef with Hammett, who replaced him in the band and compliments Kirk for getting the story “mostly right” in a recent interview.

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