Knoxville Community Fund accepting grant applications to “shape the future” of town

The Knoxville Community Fund has disbursed about $7,400 over the past three years.This year, in a grant application cycle that opened up last week, the Fund Advisory Board is hoping applicants will come up with projects that are “tangible and visible to the community.”

Member of the Fund Advisory Board, Peg Bivens says the last three years they’ve mainly funded programming.

She gives as a hypothetical example a mural on the high school.

“And so that would be a collaborative partnership because you would have to get permission from the business or the city to do the painting and it would be something the school district would do,” Bivens says. “You might involve the historical society because maybe you’re going to take a history theme.”

The Fund is planning on disbursing about $7,500 in this grant cycle.

The KCF’s endowment portfolio is managed by the Galesburg Community Foundation, who also was an impetus in the Fund’s creation.

They matched the Knoxville Fund with $25,000 in 2015, if the organization could raise $25,000 of their own.

Knoxvillians past and present raised about $75,000 and today the fund balance is at around $167,000.

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