Joey Jordison Has Slipknot Music In The Vault On Standby

Joey Jordison says he has a bunch of demos meant for Slipknot in his archives.

Jordison, who was fired from the band five years ago, tells Metal Hammer, “Maybe some day they’ll surface, maybe they’ll never be heard, but I don’t translate them to any other band; they still stay in the Slipknot safe. I won’t use them for anyone else besides Slipknot, if that ever happens again.”

The magazine asked Jordison if he still finds himself writing music that he thinks would work for the band. “Every time I pick up a guitar, I come up with different riffs [for] all different bands I’ve been in. Sometimes there is a song or riff that could only belong with Slipknot and I just can’t use it for anything else, regardless of whatever happened. It just stays in the bank and I can’t use it for anything else; I just won’t do it.”

Jordison, Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan were all interviewed by Metal Hammer for the 10th anniversary of Slipknot’s All Hope Is Gone.

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