Ex-Ghost Members Seek New Trial

The ex-Ghost members who lost their suit against Tobias Forge for royalties have requested a new trial, arguing that the judge in their case had a conflict of interest.

The four musicians appealed because both Judge Henrik Ibold and Forge are members of the Swedish Order of Freemasons. Their attorney, Michael Berg, wrote in the filing that “it must have been almost impossible” for Ibold “to objectively and impartially assess the probative value of the information that Tobias Forge has provided.”

In an interview with NT.se, Ibold denied knowing that Forge was a member, but admitted that he had “heard some rumors that it could be so.” Ibold not only ruled in favor of Forge back on October 17th, he also ordered the ex-members to pay Forge’s legal fees, which could amount to almost $150,000.

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