Dist. 208 approves over $4.6 million tax levy

The District 208 School Board approved the 2018 tax levy at Monday night’s meeting.

The board approved a tax levy of just over $4,625,638 which is based on an Equalized Assessed Value of $93,267,432.

“We looked at that and… as I said earlier, that is a guess so I don’t know whether it’s going to go high or low, but we take what the trend has been,” Superintendent Joe Sornberger tells WGIL. “So, we estimated our tax levy at 4.9 percent, which, if that amount of money comes, in our tax rate will be somewhere around $4.95.”

Sornberger tells WGIL that the EAV increased by 4.51 percent, which isn’t much more than what the district normally sees over the last year.

“It’s not out of the ordinary. Remember a tax levy… if I don’t ask for enough, they won’t give it to me. So if I ask for a lesser amount for EAV than they give me, I can’t come back later and say, ‘hey I was short in my guess. There is still some money that you guys owe us.’ They’re not going to say, ‘oh yeah. No problem. That’s fine, we’ll give it to you.'”

He said that last year the district saw a tax rate of $4.98, so if projections hold up property owners would see a slight decrease in their tax bill from the district.

With the tax rate of $4.95, a person living in a $100,000 home they own within the school district would end up contributing about $1,352 of their property tax bill to District 208.

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