Swanson starts second term in Illinois House

The 101st General Assembly was sworn in yesterday, and Alpha Republican Dan Swanson is starting his second term as Representative of the 74th District.

In his first term in the Illinois House, Swanson sponsored several bills that became law, including the Lauryn Russell Lyme Disease legislation.

Swanson says he’s got more work to do, “keeping focus, I’ve got some more veterans and active duty legislation I want to get through. Some more Lyme discussion, bring awareness to that. Just keep working hard.”

He was also successful with adding veterans and active military members to the state’s Silver Alert program. Swanson adds that he looks forward to building on his successes during the new General Assembly.

Swanson is a retired Lieutenant Colonel who served in both the Illinois Army National Guard and the United States Army. He is a graduate of AlWood Community Schools, Black Hawk East, and Western Illinois University.

He replaced long-time representative Don Moffitt two years ago.

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