Corey Taylor Embracing Being The Villain

Photo Credit: Robin Wong / PR PhotosCorey Taylor says he’s embraced being turned into a Internet meme and the general online hate sent his way for Slipknot’s new album, We Are Not Your Kind.

Taylor tells Heavy Metal Hill, “The crazy thing I have noticed over the last couple years [is] I have seen a shift in the way people look at me. I thought having an opinion was something that was cool, and now I’m becoming a meme. I feel everyone is starting to turn on me, so I am using that to my advantage. I am like, all right you want a villain, I will give you a villain… That is kind of where I am in my life, not giving a [crap]. I am basically saying, you don’t have to like me, but you are going to love me anyway.”

Slipknot’s We Are Not Your Kind is due out August 9th.

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