Jay Weinberg Talks About His Intro To Slipknot

Photo Credit: sjcdrums.comJay Weinberg of Slipknot talks about the passion he’s had for the band in a new mini-documentary from his drum brand, SJC Custom Drums.

In the film — which is on YouTube — Weinberg credits his famous dad, Max Weinberg of the E Street Band, for turning him on to Slipknot when he was 11 years old. Jay says, “My dad came home and said, ‘You’ve got to check out this thing that I just saw. These crazy guys wear these masks and I’ve never heard music like this. You’ve got to see this, you’re going to love this.'”

After Jay become a fan, he and his dad went to a show and met the group backstage. The doc has a photo of the young Jay — wearing a Slipknot mask — while he’s being introduced to the band members by his father.

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