Aaron Duke

Aaron Wayne-Duke: Married with children, hack musician/singer/songwriter, martial arts enthusiast, I don't like the Cubs or Cardinals so let the boos begin...GO YANKEES! I'm also a die hard Miami Dolphins fan, sad but true. Beside radio, I've also done a few voice overs. 

Favorite artists: Jellyfish, Kings X, Galactic Cowboys, Enuff Z'nuff, anything being sung by Eric Martin or Paul Rodgers, Johnny Cash, Beatles, Badfinger, U2, Eddie Money, Ian Moore, Run DMC (Yeah I kick it ole school boyee) all the 80's stuff, Julian Lennon, Lynn Allen (Pink Album is my favorite) The Rutles and Spinal Tap. I realize the last two bands are technically not really bands but the CD's and DVD's rock and make me laugh. Basically nothing that can be heard on the Laser. If you are in a local band, please do not ask me what I think of your band because I will tell you the truth. I'm also convinced that the Flock of Seagulls, Men at Work, Duran Duran and Dexies Midnight Runners will once again rule MTV!

Favorite foods: Take a good look at me...does it look like I won't eat anything? LaGrow and I are currently writing a new book called the "DJ Diet". You too can be out of shape in just a matter of weeks!

Favorite past time: Hanging out with my boys, reading, practicing martial arts, writing, watching movies, trying to learn how to speak Japanese and staying out of trouble. I am also the UNO Champion of my house so don't believe my wife.

Favorite movies: Anything with Morgan Freeman, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Uncle Buck, The Blues Brothers, The Crow, anything with Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris or Jason Statham. Basically, I'm an action or comedy guy but I did cry when I watched Steel Magnolias and 40 year old virgin (CRIED LAUGHING ON THIS ONE!)

Favorite concerts: Dark Crystal at the Q-93 Street Dance circa 1984-85. The first time I saw Trans Siberian Orchestra, Brother Cane-Seeds Tour, Col Ballroom, Every Kings X show I have ever seen, Galactic Cowboys-Cornerstone, Enuff Z'nuff (hit and miss but the songs are so great), Bon Jovi/Skid Row-New Jersey Tour, 5 Seasons Center (remember when it was called that?), The Outfield at Ribco, Lonnie Brooks at Ribco, Eddie Money at the Orpheum Theater in Galesburg...it was cool to see a rock act there!