Live, Loud & Local

6-22-18Doghouse DaisyTwisted Sisters in St. Augustine 9pm
6-22-18Knee Breaker BandStorm Shelter Pub in Avon7:30pm
6-22-18StaggardRailroad Days Main Stage 200 block of E. Main Street in Galesburg8pm
6-23-18Party CannonCherry Street Restaurant & Bar in Galesburg2pm
6-23-18Neutral/Drive, Wesslyn, First Time Trying, Plunkett, and Spotted DogmaCorner of Prairie and Tompkins Streets in Galesburg1pm-7pm
6-23-18BonesauceTwisted Sister's - St. Augustine IL8:30pm
6-23-18Past CurfewCherry Street Restaurant & Bar in Galesburg10pm
6-23-18Scat Grub BandTwisted Sisters in St. Augustine 3:30pm
6-23-18Road Less TraveledThe Corral in Galesburg9pm
6-23-18Jera & The Absolutes then The Rockn' PapasRailroad Days Main Stage 200 block of E. Main Street in Galesburg7pm
6-24-18Past CurfewIke's Riverfront Tap in Dallas City, IL3pm
6-24-18Charlie Hays & Detroit LarrySouth Broad Street in Galesburg10am
6-30-18DryCactus Country in Galesburg8:30pm
6-30-18Cluster TruckStorm Shelter Pub in Avon8pm
6-30-18The LubricatsThe Corral in Galesburg9pm
6-30-18Even StevenOak Run Camper Village, Victoria - St. Jude Benefit7pm
7-7-18Trailer ParkeThe Corral in Galesburg9pm
7-14-18Even StevenThe Corral in Galesburg8:30pm
7-14-18Bits & PiecesElks Club Scholarship Fundraiser at Elks Club in Galesburg6pm
7-14-18Past CurfewGo Fish Marina Bar & Grill in Princeton, Ia.8pm
7-14-18RadiofaceCactus Country in Galersburg8:30pm
7-21-18The Memphis Dives & Phanie Rae and The SoulshakersPour Bros. Craft Taproom in Peoria Heights, IL.?
7-21-18Even StevenOak Run Summer Party in Dahinda7pm
7-26-18Bits & PiecesTaste of Galesburg4:30pm
7-28-18Past CurfewGrease Monkeys Sports Bar and Grill in
Colona, IL
7-28-18Even StevenCactus Country in Galesburg8pm
8-3-18Bits & PiecesFirst Friday on Seminary Street in Galesburg5pm
8-4-18BonesauceTwisted Sister's - St. Augustine IL9pm
8-4-18Even StevenBogies Bar & Grill in Peoria8pm
8-4-18Past CurfewFirefest Fundraiser for Oneida Wataga Fire Department in Wataga, IL.7pm
8-11-18Trailer ParkeCherry Street Restaurant & Bar in Galesburg9pm
8-11-18DryCactus Country in Galesburg8:30pm
8-11-18Past CurfewSouthside Boat Club in Keokuk Ia8pm
8-25-18Past CurfewCactus Country in Galesburg9pm
9-2-18Jack Russell's Great White, Brandon Gibbs, Decade of Decadence, King Jeremy and 6 Hours LaterBrought to you by Big Catz BBQ - at Knox County Fairgrounds3pm
9-2-18Past CurfewKeokuk Yacht Club in
Keokuk, IA
9-8-18Even StevenThe Corral in Galesburg8:30pm
9-15-18BonesauceTwisted Sister's - St. Augustine IL9pm
9-15-18Even StevenCactus Country in Galesburg8pm
9-21-18Even StevenBogies Bar & Grill in Peoria8pm
9-22-18DryCactus Country in Galesburg8:30pm
9-29-18BonesauceThe Corral in Galesburg9pm
9-29-18Past CurfewCherry Street Restaurant & Bar in Galesburg10pm
10-6-18Bits & PiecesThe Corral in Galesburg8pm
10-10-18Trailer ParkeThe Corral in Galesburg9pm
10-13-18Trailer ParkeCherry Street Restaurant & Bar in Galesburg9pm
10-20-18Past CurfewFargo Lounge in
Moline, IL
11-3-18Past CurfewGHS Class of 1990 Social at Cactus Country in Galesburg9pm
11-3-18RadiofaceGrease Monkey's in Colona, IL8pm
11-17-18DryCactus Country in Galesburg8:30pm
11-21-18BonesauceThe Corral in Galesburg9pm
11-24-18Trailer ParkeCherry Street Restaurant & Bar in Galesburg9pm
11-24-18BonesauceTwisted Sister's - St. Augustine IL9pm
12-29-18Past CurfewFargo Lounge in
Moline, IL

Fat Fish Pub on Broad Street in Galesburg does an Open Mic every Monday night from 7pm-10pm and Knox College Jazz Night is every Thursday from 8pm-12am