Clearing The Ice
Clearing the ice

Chas and Duke
Chas and Duke

Duke Talks To The Crowd
Duke talks to the crowd

The Crowd
Some of the more original plungers

And still more
Some plungers sported the latest in Firefighter, leopard speedo, spandex, moon boot plunging apparel

Cahs and Duke 1
Aaron Duke crowns The Plunger King

Somebody had to lose
Somebody had to least he isn't upset about it!

Best of plungin buds
Not sure what's up with the arm thing but Chas and Duke prepare to plunge...what a sport...Duke won the
competition and still plunged for the cause (or because Chas was scared...not sure which)

And they're in!

Plunging 2

Duke does his best Baywatch Hair move while Chas cuts a rug...errr...cuts a water?

And he survived!

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