Photo Credit: Steve Davis

Afternoons With Chris LaGrow

Photo Credit: Steve DavisChris LaGrow: Dad, Husband, DJ, Producer, Webmaster, Fire Chief, Baseball Coach, Village Board Trustee, Paranormal Investigator, Computer Junkie, Cubs, Bears and Bulls fan.

Favorite Artists: KISS, Shinedown, Metallica, Rob Zombie.

Favorite Foods: PIZZA, Tacos and Spaghetti.

Favorite Pastimes: Hanging with the fam, Paranormal Investigating, Firefighting,

Favorite TV Shows: Sons of Anarchy (RIP), Paranormal Witness, The Universe, How The Earth Was Made, Paranormal State, Consipracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, UFO Files, Ancient Aliens and just about anything on the History Channel. FOOTBALL!

Favorite Concerts (in order): 1-KISS Revenge Tour in Cedar Rapids 2-Everytime I’ve seen Shinedown (6 so far) 3-Green Day American Idiot Tour in Moline 4-Nickelback All The Right Reasons Tour in Moline and 5-Ozzy and Rob Zombie in Moline (hard to narrow it down when you’ve seen hundreds of acts and shows)

Favorite Movies: Face-Off (huge Travolta and Cage fan), Gladiator (not a more macho movie made), The Blues Brothers, Airplane and any Chris Farley flick.
Wanna know anything else, ask.