Qualifiers For Guns N’ Roses Tickets


Congratulations to our final qualifiers drawn on Friday:

JOHN SAMPSON of Abingdon


DALE TRACY of Galesburg

MOLLY KUELPER of Galesburg


They were drawn at random from all of Friday’s entries and will now be included in the Grand Prize drawing on Friday afternoon, June 24, 2016, for a chance to win a pair of tickets for the Guns N’ Roses concert at Soldier Field in Chicago on July 1st.

If you haven’t qualified yet, check out the details of the daily G N’ R Secret Word for your shot to qualify here.

Those that have previously qualified for the Grand Prize drawing:

Brian Clark of Galesburg | Corey Johnson of Bushnell | Joshua Gass of Canton | Laura Rammage of Galesburg | Shannon Anderson of Bushnell | Larry Legg of East Galesburg | Melissa Boydstun of Galesburg | Tracy Williams of Galesburg | Chucki Lytle of Galesburg | Raymond Powell of Galesburg | Mark Wonders of Wapello | Briane Fanks of Aldeo | Tammy Folder of Galesburg | Kari Dhooge of Aledo | Joy Evans of Aldeo | Kathy Ward of Galesburg | Mario Martinez of East Moline | JR Stout of Wapello | Devi Devlin of Galesburg | Brad Lucy of Galesburg | Anthony Miller of Galesburg | Nina Farrington of Oneida | Sue Parr of Galesburg | Sharon Asencio of Abingdon | Tom White of Galesburg | Jennifer Plate of Monmouth | Cary Elliott of Galesburg | Stacey Hawkins of Galesburg | Michael Ackerson of Woodhull | Matthew Langwell of Galesburg | Jim Van Dyke of Galesburg | Kim Dowell of Galesburg | Dell Reed of Galesburg | Hope Fontenoy of Alexis | Jody Riedel of Galesburg | Lacie Montgomery of Farmington | Tara Dejaynes of Abingdon | Lee Lofing of Galesburg | Lori Gardner of Knoxville | Mike Beller of Galesburg | Jacob Reed of Galesburg | Joseph Lammert of Galesburg | Sara Cree of Galesburg | Lee Olson of Galesburg | Bret Legg of Galesburg | Henry Shimmin of Monmouth | Josh Dejaynes of Abingdon | Vicki McNaught of Wataga | Andrew Lee of Alpha | Kevin Winking of Monmouth | Chris Dexter of Wataga | Karen Miller of Galesburg | Blake Brown of Galesburg | Samantha Damitz of Galesburg | Carie Stewart of Galesburg 

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