Monmouth EU course copes with Brexit

Two weeks ago, Great Britain voted to make its exit from the European Union and locally, and area college professor is feeling the effects.

Monmouth College Assistant Professor of History Christine Myers is the instructor of a course on the EU that’s slated to meet this coming spring, but in the meantime, Myers is revamping her coursework because of the Brexit.

In a news release, the Monmouth professor says she’s been “sharing news and editorial pieces” to the Facebook page she started for the class. Myers says those pieces will “serve as research resources next spring.”

Though the UK awaits a new prime minister and the British economy remains unstable, Monmouth students shouldn’t have too difficult of a time coping with the massive world changes.

Myers says the course is mostly taught with primary sources, so, changing the readings to comply with the history-in-progress should be easy.

On the class page, Myers also says she has “no idea” what the class will look like, but it will “be fascinating.”

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