Associate Judge Dwayne Morrison’s passing creates second ninth circuit vacancy

Associate Judge for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Dwayne Morrison died yesterday at the age of 68.Long time friend and Judge Stephen Mathers remembers Morrison as being a “zealous advocate” for his clients as an attorney.

He says it’s always fun to go up against a lawyer who was as well prepared and knew the law as well as Morrison did.

“There were all sorts of things about life, not just about material things, but things that involved beauty, style and grace that he really appreciated,” Mathers. “There aren’t people like that in this world anymore so I think he will be sorely missed.”

This now creates a second vacancy in the ninth circuit after last month, resident judge at the Fulton County Courthouse, William C. Davis announced he was retiring effective Sept. 5. 

Supreme Court Judge for the Third District, Thomas Kilbride is expected to make a recommendation to the court after screening the five attorneys who filed applications.

Associate judges are appointed a little differently.

Attorneys seeking the appointment have 30 days after the vacancy is posted to apply.

Then the judges of the ninth circuit will vote for one applicant and that individual will be appointed if they get votes from a majority of judges.

If there’s not a majority, then it goes to a runoff.

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