New Shinedown Produced By One Single Band Member…Available Now!

Shinedown‘s Attention, Attention is out this weekend, and for the first time in their 15-year career, it was produced just by one band member — Eric Bass.

The bassist has produced a few of the band’s soundtrack contributions and was a co-producer on their last album, Threat to Survival, but this was his first time in charge of everything. He even mixed the album.

Guitarist Zach Myers jokes they were able to insult Bass more than other producers. “He’s heard it all from us — he’s got a thick skin. Singer Brent Smith adds, “We’re just very very lucky that he’s our brother and a huge part of the band. And I think sometimes that when a band decides that they’re going to do it themselves, people get a little freaked out. But this was about being authentic and honest and [getting] the right guy.”