Carl Sandburg College introducing cybersecurity certificate program

Students at Carl Sandburg College will be able to enroll in a program next fall that will get them a cybersecurity specialist certificate.The college’s Board of Trustees approved the framework of the program at their meeting on Oct. 26.

Information and Communication Instructor at Sandburg Su Herath says the program is designed to teach students how to protect, defend and prevent cyber attacks.

But she says that attacks will happen, so students will also be taught how to recover after a breach.

Herath says many not realize how difficult it is to secure all your devices, especially when using wi-fi hotspots.

“It’s no secret, anyone can see what you are doing on the internet if you are using free wi-fi hotspot. That’s a major issue. People don’t know about those things,” says Herath.

The program consists of four classes Database Application, Virtualization, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity Operations ? as well as a three-credit hour internship.

All of this can be completed in as little as a single semester.

A recent report by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education estimated there will be 1.8 million unfilled cyber security positions by 2022.

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