Pearl Jam Will End Their Annual Fan Club Christmas Single

A Pearl Jam end-of-the-year tradition is coming to a close.

The band will end its fan club Christmas single at the end of this year. They’re a bit behind on getting them out — the 2016 single wasn’t released until December 2017. But fan club members won’t be cheated out of those years. The promises that “all members who purchased or renewed their membership in 2017 and/or 2018 will still receive” either the MP3 or vinyl version (depending on their level of membership) for those two years.

The band’s first holiday single, “Let Me Sleep (It’s Christmastime),” was released in 1991, just a few months after their debut album, Ten, hit stores. The 1998 offering, “Last Kiss,” ended up getting massive radio play and led the band to do a full commercial release of it.