Courtney Love Gets Restraining Order On Former Manager

Photo credit: PR Photos

Courtney Love has secured a five-year restraining order against her ex-manager.

The Blast reports that Sam Lufti has been ordered to stay 100 feet away from Courtney, her daughter Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney’s sister Jaimee — and is barred from contacting them. Love’s ex-manager was also warned not to “make comments on social media” about the women.

Love’s attorney argued that Lufti harassed her and her family with E-mails, texts and phone calls in an effort to recoup money he alleges she owes him. A restraining order in these types of cases usually last three years, but the judge recalled Lufti’s controversial time as Britney Spears’s manager, which also ended up in court. Spears’ family claimed that Lufti had secretly drugged the singer, cut off her means of communication and limited her mobility. The judge said that Lufti “seems to prey upon people.”

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