Slipknot Excited To Hit The Road In 2019

It looks like Slipknot fans will get to see a band that’s very ready for the rigors of the road this year.

Shawn Crahan tells Kerrang! magazine that he’s never been so refreshed and ready to start a touring cycle with the band. He says, “Not even the first time [we toured]. It’s always been a mess. I’m not gonna say it’s not gonna be a mess now, but [crap’s] happening. It’s on. We’re all ready to go.”

Crahan gives big ups to one of his bandmates. “It’s even better that Corey Taylor is really excited, because he does a lot of work, goes out with Stone Sour, does solo gigs and solo things — from books to award shows. Whatever he’s doing, he does a lot. And it’s always awesome to feel his excitement. Most people in his situation would be like, ‘I’m gonna take a year off,’ but he’s got a certain demeanor right now for Slipknot. And that feels awesome.”

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