Battle Brewing Over Tom Petty Estate

Photo Credit: Adam Bielawski / Photorazzi / PR Photos

A legal battle is under way over Tom Petty’s estate.

It pits Petty’s widow Dana against his daughters from a previous marriage, Adria and Annakim.

Up to now, Dana has been running his estate, but Petty’s will states that his daughters also get a say in the decisions. Dana claims the two have been trying to push her out and that she can’t manage the estate under these conditions. She also says the two have been “attacking” members of The Heartbreakers and refusing to allow the release of unreleased Petty songs.

Adria has responded by filing a petition in probate court that accuses Dana of violating the terms of the will. She accuses Dana of refusing to transfer Tom’s “artistic property” from his trust to a company that all three women would control, as spelled out in the will. She claims that Dana is trying to keep all the assets for herself, and wants a judge to force Dana to comply with the terms of the will.

Each side has disparaged the other’s motives and competency, and they’ve continue to battle over the release of material and how Petty is represented publicly. (TMZ)