AC\DC’s Phil Rudd Closes Restaurant

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has followed up the recent sale of his home in New Zealand with the closing of his nearby restaurant.

A post on the eatery’s Facebook page says: “This is a huge thank you to all of you that have followed and supported Phil’s Place Restaurant since we reopened on April 10th, 2013. As from May 5th, Phil’s Place will be closing to be rebranded as Salinity Restaurant and Bar. Thank you again from all the management and staff.”

Rudd opened the restaurant in Tauranga September 2011. At the time he said, “I do want to give back to the community and have plans which I think will really give a boost to the local economy. The restaurant is just the first step.” It closed in July 2012 for nearly a year after a dispute with employees.

Meanwhile, 83-hundred miles away, in Sarasota, Florida, AC/DC singer Brian Johnson is a food lover without the headache of owning a restaurant.

In an interview with Edible Sarasota, Johnson says the one thing he eats too much of is bread. “Every Saturday, I treat myself. I drive to C’est La Vie and buy a baguette and a couple of his gorgeous croissants and go home and fry up two big brown eggs, smear a piece of baguette with French butter and dip it in the yolk. It’s like caviar for me…”

He says if he lived alone on an island all he would need is “flour, butter, butter, more butter, some olive oil. With that I could catch fish, cook fish and bake some bread to go with it.”

While Johnson wasn’t asked about Rudd closing his restaurant, he was asked “What can ruin a restaurant?”

“Oh, lots of things, but can I say that I think mobile phones should be banned in all restaurants? It’s rude to the diners and the staff. It’s become a massive problem.”

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