West Nile mosquitoes confirmed in Warren County

The Warren County Health Department has confirmed mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile Virus in Monmouth.

According to data from the Illinois Department of Public Health, the last human case of West Nile detected in Warren County since 2016.

As of Wednesday, only seven Illinois counties had detected any birds, mosquitoes or horses carrying the disease.

Birds and horses can carry West Nile but a human will not get the virus from handling these animals directly; only if they infect a mosquito which then bites a person.

One batch of mosquitoes in Warren County was detected, with most of the rest being mosquitoes detected around the Chicago area, along with an infected crow found in Woodford County.

There were 176 human cases in Illinois last year, including 17 deaths but none of them locally.

The best protection from West Nile is to protect yourself from mosquitoes altogether, with long sleeves and pants, bug spray, and remove any standing waters around your home.

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