Chris Kael Talks About Sobriety On The Road

Photo Credit: LUIS BLANCO / PRPhotos.comChris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch got sober last year and says that having his bandmate Ivan Moody to lean on made it easier while they’re on the road.

Kael told Andy’s Hall Pass that, “Ivan and I, both of us, have leaned on each other a lot during sobriety and have kind of been pillars for one another. There were many times back in the day that we were ready to throw down, mouths running, alcohol in there, just angry. But now, I’d have to say he’s probably my best friend out here on the road. We’ve definitely been good for each other here in sobriety. It’s a whole different vibe than what it used to be.”

Kael added that the band had completed three songs that were “beasts” before they started their summer dates and that he has high expectations for the recording sessions that resume this week.