UMG Tells Soundgarden To Drop Their Lawsuit

Photo Credit: Landmark / PR PhotosSoundgarden’s part in the class action suit against Universal Music Group over the 2008 vault fire that damaged numerous master tapes has come under focus in a new motion filed by the record company.

Billboard reports that UMG filed a motion on Monday demanding that Soundgarden “immediately dismiss their case against UMG within 24 hours” or it would ask the court to order the band to reimburse attorney fees and costs for defending the lawsuit.

The motion says the band knew that the damage to their catalog was minimal because the label “expressly told Soundgarden over four years ago that UMG had lost in the fire two compiled album master 1/2 analog reels of one Soundgarden album — Badmotorfinger — but that UMG was still able to issue a remastered release of this album, with Soundgarden’s knowledge and participation, using a digital audio tape safety copy.”

Soundgarden attorney Howard King tells Billboard, “For 10 years, UMG concealed from artists the damage the fire inflicted on their life’s works. Why would we accept anything they say at face value now, especially since they refuse to provide us with their actual testimony given (under seal) detailing losses of masters they claimed in their $100 million damage lawsuits against NBC Universal and their own insurance company?”

A hearing in the case is set for November 4th.