Council considering contract for Sandburg and Galesburg Transit

The Galesburg City Council will consider a service contract involving Carl Sandburg College students and faculty riding city buses for free at their Monday night meeting.

No practical changes are on the horizon for the program as far as fees or routes. The contract is just a way for the city to use more funds they get from the state of Illinois through the Downstate Operation Assistance Program.

When Sandburg students first were able to ride for free in 2017, a one-time grant was secured through the college, but Galesburg Transit counted that as program revenue in their quarterly reports.

This agreement means that Sandburg will pay Galesburg Transit $1,355 for the 2019-20 school year and the city can count that as local match money, which yield more dollars from the DOA program.

The yearly cost of the Sandburg riding program is closer to $3,500 but Sandburg had about $2,000 in credit that they paid last year.

Sandburg student and faculty ridership for the school year is estimated to be about 8,700.

The council may also approve purchasing a bundle of dilapidated properties from the Knox County trustee.

The trustee operates on behalf of all county taxing districts in order to acquire property titles and sell them to the taxing bodies.

Council documents say that all that it’s economically unfeasible to repair these sites, and the city intends to demolish them.

Each property is being acquired for $823 but the combined total for demolition is roughly $270,000.

The properties are 140 E. Main St., the former home to CASA; 144 E. Main St.; 890 Liberty St.; 1075 N. Farnham St.; 179 Lincoln St.; and 796 E. First St.

Also prior to this evening’s council meeting there will be a public meet and greet for new Galesburg Police Chief Russ Idle.

Stop by between 5 and 5:30 p.m. to say hello to Chief Idle.

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