Sully Erna Talks About His Friend Neil Peart

Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR PhotosSully Erna of Godsmack is one Neil Peart’s friends who kept quiet about the late Rush drummer’s brain cancer.

Erna spoke during a radio interview on WAAF that he knew about the illness for a while but was asked that “out of respect for Neil and the privacy he liked to live in, to just not say anything. But I knew, when they were ending the Rush tour, that he was sick… A year ago or so, he was in a wheelchair and he couldn’t speak. And it was just becoming more and more sad to me.”

Sully says he actually was one of the last people to deal with Peart professionally. “I think we may have one of the last on-camera interviews with Neil when he agreed to do an interview for the director of this feature documentary we’re doing on my life story. He sat down in his whole drumming warehouse place and talked about me and Shannon [Larkin]’s playing and our drum solo and how impressed he was with the whole thing.”

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