Longtime Friend Of Rush Disputes Sully Erna Claim

Photo Credit: Daniel Locke / PRPhotos.com

Photo Credit: Daniel Locke / PRPhotos.com

A longtime friend of Rush disputes Sully Erna’s story that Neil Peart “was in a wheelchair and he couldn’t speak” for a year before he died.

Donna Halper is credited with helping Rush get a U.S. record deal, and she tweeted on Saturday, “Sad to say, there are some rumors about Neil Peart’s final months circulating on social media. The vast majority are inaccurate. As for me, I choose to remember Neil as he was, and I want to respect his family’s privacy during this difficult time.”

She later wrote, “It ended the way he wanted, surrounded by his family and best friends. (By the way, he was able to speak, almost till the very end, I am told.)”

And she responded to one question by writing, “There’s a normal human tendency to put oneself at the center of a story. I’m not calling anyone a liar or saying anyone intentionally misstated facts. I’m just saying Neil’s family and closest friends have a different version of events, and I defer to them.”

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