Aerosmith Still Won’t Let Joey Kramer Back Into The Band

Photo Credit: Janet Mayer / PR PhotosJoey Kramer has filed suit against Aerosmith, claiming they won’t let him back in the band.

Kramer missed a series of dates last year during their Las Vegas residency after injuring his ankle, so drum tech John Douglas filled in. TMZ reports that in his suit Kramer claims he was ready to return for the band’s fall shows, but his bandmates asked him to audition to a click track to prove he was “able to play at an appropriate level.” Kramer also says the stress from this request caused “significant repercussions” that put him back in the hospital and forced him to miss the residency shows.

The suit says that Aerosmith required Kramer to pay his replacement $20,000 per week for performances and $10,000 per week for rehearsals. Earlier this month, Kramer did the click-track audition, and though he believed his performance was acceptable, he says his bandmates still kept him from rejoining them, saying there was a lack of “energy” in the audition.

He’s asking the court to force Aerosmith to let him back in the band in order to avoid “irreparable harm.”

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