Stone Gossard Says Gigaton Does Rock

Photo Credit: Tina Lau / PR PhotosPearl Jam fans, if you’re worried Gigaton doesn’t rock because of the odd first single, “Dance of the Clairvoyants,” relax.

Stone Gossard tells Zane Lowe on Beats One that “Dance” is “the outer edge of something that we haven’t tried before, a new way of configuring our sort of collaborative talents.” But, he adds, “There’s definitely some really straight-ahead rock songs. There’s some very spare and very simple ballads. It’s got it all, I think. And it’s really us.”

Gossard says Eddie Vedder figured out what they’d put on the album after they spent years recording. “There was a pile of songs, and he sort of took and really, really, in the last two months, mixed and sort of selected the tracks that really were going to be special. And he did such a great job of bringing everybody’s personalities out. It was probably different than any of us would’ve made individually, but it really captures, I think, the spirit of the band.”

Gigaton will be out March 27th.

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