Police arrest two parolees for guns and meth

Galesburg Police arrested two convicted felons in possession of guns and meth over the weekend.

27-year-old Ben Norville was arrested from a vehicle on West Carl Sandburg Drive when he was found to be in possession of two handguns, over two pounds of meth and 900 grams of cannabis.

Norville has been on parole since May on a three-year sentence for possessing meth manufacturing materials.

31-year-old Emily Cahill was arrested in a separate incident.

Cahill has been on supervised release from the Illinois Department of Corrections since March, after serving nearly two years on a possession of meth charge in 2017.

She was arrested in the 100-block of Walnut Street with police finding a handgun, ammunition, suspected cannabis in meth in her vehicle.

Both Cahill and Norville were transported to the Knox County Jail pending future court dates.

Emily Cahill
Banjamin Norville

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