Dave Grohl Talks New Album and Film Project

Photo Credit: Solarpix / PR PhotosDave Grohl says that Foo Fighters are done working on their new album.

Grohl revealed it on The Bill Simmons Podcast in a conversation about songwriting. He said, “Some of those songs, the best ones happen in 45 minutes. Then there’s other songs — there’s a riff on the new record I’ve been working on for 25 years. The first time I demoed it was in my basement in Seattle.”

Grohl also revealed that the film project he’s been working on the past year is a documentary about van touring. He explained, “The Beatles toured in a van, Guns n’ Roses, Metallica, U2, everybody has had a van. There’s something about that time, you wear it like a badge. The movie isn’t so much about really awesome van tour anecdotes, it’s more about the drive to do it. Why would anyone give up everything, quit their job, leave everything behind, just to chase this dream with no guarantee you’re ever going to make it?”

Grohl didn’t share release dates for either project.

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