Chick’s at the Club to close March 1st

It was announced on social media Monday, February 17th that Chick’s at the Club in Monmouth will be closing its doors. The restaurant with popular locations in Macomb and Quincy, known for their “chicken lips” opened at the Monmouth Country Club just two years ago. The social media post stated that the decision did not come easy and ownership has chosen to “go down a different path.” It adds that “we are beyond grateful for our friends, family, local customers and the Monmouth Country Club for their unconditional support.” The post also says to be on the lookout of upcoming food, drink, and food specials for the next two weeks. Chick’s at the Club first announced it was coming to the Maple City in December of 2017 and opened March 1st, 2018. Attempts to reach out to one of the chain’s three owners, Nick Peterson, were unsuccessful. According to the post, March 1st, 2020 will be the restaurant’s final day of business in Monmouth.