Galesburg’s cannabis dispensary planning to open next month

Galesburg’s upcoming recreational marijuana dispensary announced yesterday their plan to open in mid-March, depending on a few things.

Posted to Facebook on Thursday, Nature’s Treatment asked possible consumers what food trucks they’d like to see on the opening day as well as answering questions and sharing details regarding their opening.

No exact date was given for their grand opening but they say they are aiming to open sometime next month, however, the company says the window depends on if cultivators can supply product in time.

Nature’s Treatment was planning to open on February 3 but was forced to delay it as heavy demand led to product shortages in the first weeks of legal purchasing in the State of Illinois.

Work is still being done on the old Aldi building which will see, in addition to the cannabis dispensary, a coffee shop.

The business was originally scheduled to open on January 1 before they pushed it back to February 3. It was delayed again to an undetermined date before Thursday’s announcement.