Dave Grohl Gushes Over New Foos Album

Photo Credit: Solarpix / PR PhotosDave Grohl says that the new Foo Fighters album is going to get people singing in stadiums around the world.

Grohl tells Kerrang, “I’m so proud of it. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever done. I’m excited for people to hear it and I can’t wait to jump on that stage to play it. There are choruses on this record that 50 thousand people are gonna sing, and it’s gonna bring everyone’s hearts together in that moment. And that’s what it’s all about.” The Foos last album was 2017’s Concrete and Gold.

Grohl also was amazed that the Foos have hit 25 years. He says, “Honestly, it doesn’t feel like we’ve been doing this for 25 years. It’s funny, some people measure time in days and months and years. But with me, I measure time in musical terms. When I think about 1995 to ’96, that was one thing. When I think of ’90 to ’99, that’s another, and so on. I see my life in these markers that are represented by our music. I feel like I’ve been writing this big story, and specific lyrics and songs relate to specific things that happened to me at those times.”

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