Eddie Kramer Documentary In The works

Photo credit: unsplash.com - royalty free imagesRecording engineer and producer Eddie Kramer, whose work is known by all rock music fans, even if his name isn’t, is the subject of an upcoming documentary.

From the Other Side of the Glass will look at the role Kramer played in shaping the recordings of such 1960s and ’70s innovators as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles (their “All You Need Is Love”/”Baby You’re a Rich Man” single), Peter Frampton and KISS, as well as his recording and engineering the albums chronicling the Woodstock Festival.

The film also covers the 77-year-old South African’s output since that period, which includes producing many posthumous Hendrix releases and developing new studio technology, custom instruments, amplification, effects and plug-ins for musicians. He’s also exhibited the photographs he took in the studio with all the artists he recorded.

The film will also reportedly include “top contemporary artists performing acoustic re-imaginations of select classic songs he engineered.” It’s in production, with no release date set as yet. (Variety)