Checking In On Aerosmith, Perry Says No New Music

Photo Credit: Daniel Locke / PR PhotosAerosmith’s last album was 2012’s Music From Another Dimension, and, if Joe Perry has his way, there will be no more new music of any kind in any dimension.

In an interview with he says, “All I know is that because we’ve had so many generations of fans, a lot of them don’t know the songs from the early days, so I want to bring them back into the set. I don’t see a reason to write a new album when we have five albums from the 1970s that most people don’t know about.

“Those are the songs that influenced Slash, influenced the Foo Fighters, influenced all those bands that come up and say, ‘I picked up the guitar because of Toys in the Attic.’ I look at them as brand-new songs. So we’re still [messing] around with them.”

Toys in the Attic, their third album, was released 45 years ago today (Tuesday) — April 8th, 1975.

Asked if there is any ground left for Aerosmith to cover, Brad Whitford, Perry’s guitar-slinging partner, says, “We’ll see. We’ve been doing this a long time and 50 years is a lot of wear and tear. Just to still be here is an absolute miracle. To have the original members, too – it’s bizarre.

Whitford adds, “There’s lots of stuff I still want to do. I’m experimenting with some other stuff… I’m getting together with [bassist] David Santos and [Joe Walsh and former CSN drummer] Joe Vitale. We’ll see what comes out of that. You never know.”

Aerosmith is still scheduled to return to Las Vegas for the next run of dates in their Deuces are Wild residency on May 20th.

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