Corey Taylor Starts Healthy Taco Truck

Photo Credit: LUIS BLANCO / PR PhotosCorey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour is starting a plant-based taco truck with his wife, Alicia Taylor.

Taylor tells Rock Feed that the truck would already be rolling except for the stay-at-home orders issued over the past two months. He says, “We can’t say vegan. ‘Cause there will be some dairy in there, some stuff in there. But the main focus was flavor, not just content. ‘Cause when people talk about vegan, they can become very pretentious… This was a way for us to combine [our love of food] with a healthier [lifestyle].”

The Taylors went on a plant-based diet last fall and said they both felt immediate benefits. Corey adds, “My cholesterol dropped, like, 80 points… I was even trying to eat better, and yet my cholesterol wasn’t going anywhere. And as soon as I [went plant-based], it changed. It was pretty rad.”