Alice Cooper and KISS Ask Fans To Contribute To New Videos

Photo Credit: Landmark / PR PhotosAlice Cooper and KISS are reaching out to their fans for help with new videos.

Cooper, who affectionately refers to his fans as Minions, says, “I know these times are hard, but there is hope and together we will win.

“I wrote a new song, ‘Don’t Give Up,’ coming May 15th, and I want ALL OF MY MINIONS to be a part of this special song! Share a photo or video of you holding a sign featuring A WORD FROM THE LYRICS to the song and you could be in the final video.”

You can preview the lyrics and submit your photo at

KISS are undertaking a similar venture, but instead of a new song, they are asking their Army to submit a video showing how you are staying busy and having fun during quarantine — “dancing, family time, doing handstands, singing, playing an instrument, home life, organizing your KISS collection, painting, playing with your pets, family… whatever it is.”

The clips will then be used to create a video for their song “We are One” off of 1998’s Psycho Circus.

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