Shawn Crahan Talks About Slipknot Masks

Photo Credit: Robin Wong / PR Photos

As long as Shawn Crahan is in Slipknot, the band will keep playing in masks.

Crahan admitted in an appearance on The Fred Minnick Show, “There’s not a day that doesn’t go by that every member wishes we didn’t have to wear that stuff. Especially since it was my idea in the sense of I brought it to the table. And for all I know, maybe some of the guys think it’s the worst thing ever. They went with it because of our love for each other and our dream and our brand, but secretly, some people could be just, like, ‘I can’t believe I signed up my whole life for this,’ whereas I’m only doing it with that.”

But he can’t really see doing it any other way. “For me, it’s pure religion. It’s my life. And I can’t ever fathom going in so personal because of laziness or stress or just the will to not wanna put it on anymore. I signed the deal we did in the beginning, and there’s just never been any [thought] of anything else. I really couldn’t fathom us any other way. I would feel cheapened; I would feel betrayed.”

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