The Nude Dragons Making A Return?

Photo Credit: Landmark / PR PhotosThe three remaining members of Soundgarden have set up Twitter and Instagram accounts separate from the band’s official accounts.

They’re using the Nude Dragons name, which is an anagram for Soundgarden and the name they used when they played their first reunion show in Seattle back in 2010. The accounts have photos of Matt CameronKim Thayil and Ben Shepherd taken by other members of the band.

The official Soundgarden social media accounts have become part of the lawsuits between the remaining members and Vicky Cornell over recordings they did with Chris Cornell before his death. Soundgarden’s latest legal filing from May said they never gave Vicky access to the accounts and that she has “removed fan comments and has herself posted images and comments” to the pages.

The Nude Dragons account is followed not only by Cameron, but by Pearl JamDuff McKaganTaylor MomsenEddie Vedder‘s wife Jill and many other people close to the band.

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