Dave Grohl Talks About Transition From Nirvana To Foo Fighters

Photo Credit: Landmark / PR PhotosIn an Apple Music interview that aired Saturday (July 4th), Dave Grohl discussed his career from Nirvana through the events leading up the release of Foo Fighters self-titled debut album 25 years ago that day.

In it, Grohl admitted to being insecure about his place in Nirvana, saying, “You’re just so nervous that you’re going to either get fired or it’s going to stop. I didn’t want to get fired basically. And so I was doing my best to keep this thing from going away. So there was this real insecurity that I had, ‘I’m not good enough. They’re going to find somebody else.”

Following Kurt Cobain’s death, he says he started getting calls from other bands to play with them or join another band and he “just didn’t see that happening at the time.” He says he “didn’t really want to write or even listen to music, much less join a band and play in one,” but eventually he “just pulled myself off the couch and thought, ‘Okay, I’ve always loved playing music and I’ve always loved writing and recording songs for myself. So I feel like I need to do that just for myself.”

He says he would dedicate the first Foo Fighters album to his Nirvana bandmates, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, because without the lessons he learned from them, “it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t be here right now talking about this…It was such an honor to be in that band and it was so devastating when it ended.” (Billboard)


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