Knox County reaches single week high in new COVID cases, positivity rate drops

The Knox County Health Department on Tuesday announced an additional 21 confirmed cases of COVID-19, making a total of 40 new cases in the last week.

That’s 8 more than the all-time high of new cases recorded the week before.

However, the positivity rate -that’s the number of positives amongst all the tests administered- was 3.8 percent.

Last week’s positivity rate was 4.6 percent.

More than 1,000 COVID tests were taken in Knox County last week, an increase of 300 over last week, while there are only 8 more new cases.

There’s a range of ages amongst new cases, with everything from a female in her 10’s to a male in his 90’s.

206 of the 265 positive COVID cases in the county are considered recovered, which means resolution of fever without fever-reducing medication for three days, improvement of respiratory symptoms, and at least 10 days passed since symptoms appeared.