Tommy Lee works On Second Solo Album Before New One IS Even Released

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Tommy Lee of Motley Crue used his time at home this year not only to finish his solo album Andro, but to work on a totally different solo album.

Lee told IHeartRadio Canada, “It’s kind of [messed] up, ’cause I called my manager a couple of weeks ago and I’m, like, ‘Dude, I almost have another record done.’ And he’s, like, ‘Woah! Hold up. This one’s not even out yet’… I’ve been in my studio just [creating] more [stuff] which, that’s been great. It’s, like, ‘Hey, what are are gonna do here?’ Well, we can’t do this and can’t do that and can’t do that, so [I go back] in the studio.”

Andro is due out on October 16th.